Gran Mediterraneo: A Tel Aviv Specific High-Rise

by David Tajchman | 02.12.16

For lovers of architecture, most people come to the city of Tel Aviv to enjoy its architectural qualities of the Art-Deco and Bauhaus movements built around a unique Mediterranean environment. Now, the White City is growing vertically—new skyscrapers are giving way to a Tel Avivian skyline.

This upward movement, combined with a rising number of vehicles, traffic jams and wild parking on the city’s sidewalks led to the proposal to design a futuristic and mixed use high-rise called Gran Mediterraneo.

Residential Units

Gran Mediterraneo

Gran Mediterraneo is proposed to be a high-rise building dedicated to integrating vertical details of a skyline building with the characteristic qualities of living in a Mediterranean environment. Beyond the fact that the building will be tall—or super-tall—the proposal experiments with a setting that welcomes local nature and technology, and results in a tower that is spiraling, endless and flourishing.

Proposed uses for the Gran Mediterraneo are inspired by Tel Avivian lifestyles and the collective spirit of Israeli kibbutzim: mixing farms and gardens, events, educational and co-working spaces, housing and an automated public car-park are among the various programs of the tower.

Case study on Kikar Hamedina, Tel Aviv

Case study on Kikar Hamedina, Tel Aviv

The innovative and curvy white concrete tower surrounded by a spiraling and public Mediterranean park, aims to be the first public charging station for electric cars in the White City. Also introducing the design of a driver-less and shared electric vehicles for Tel Avivians.

Mediterranean nature, smooth, white concrete, and futuristic vehicles are the three main components of this high-rise; merging ecological needs and sustainability into the local technological inventions of the building’s process and life.

Automated Car Silo, Charging Station and Vertical Mediterranean Park

Automated Car Silo and Vertical Mediterranean Park

The circular vertical setting features concrete interior spaces for living with generous windows and 360 degree views of the White City.

Gran Mediterraneo will be a new architectural landmark in the Tel Avivian skyline and perhaps for the Middle-Eastern Mediterranean area—introducing a specific architectural identity that is a cultural mix of Orient and Occident.

Solo show: Gran Mediterraneo - Project Process Progress

Physical Model – Gran Mediterraneo – Project Process Progress – September 2016, Paris, France

View more of the Gran Mediterraneo project.


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Gran Mediterraneo: A Tel Aviv Specific High-Rise

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